Customer Reviews
"Michael was amazing. He had the look. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable. The value freaked us out - in a good way." - Jennifer Ross
Posted 12/1/2018 

"Michael showed up right on time and did a thorough home appraisal. He also got the appraisal report to the mortgage company the next day. Would highly recommend to anyone who would like a fast real estate appraisal in Cobb County."
Posted 09/20/2018

"Great company, friendly, timely, very helpful and knowledgeable; Michael came highly recommended by a coworker but he and his company still exceeded my expectations on my divorce appraisal on my house!"
Posted 08/4/2018

"I found Michael through the Association of Georgia Real Estate Appraisers website ( and after reading his great reviews I went with him and realized it was all true! Michael IS knowledgeable professional, fair, and thorough Georgia property appraiser. I would use him again and highly recommend him to anyone seeking a thorough home appraisal."
Posted 07/7/2018

Very easy to read appraisal!
“Great turnaround time and very easy to read report! The last time I had a home appraisal I had to call the property appraiser several times to understand what he was talking about. Luckily I didn’t have to deal with that with Appraisals By Michael”
Posted 06/19/2018

"Michael was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Very friendly service, would definitely recommend him and would use him again. I was very happy with my home appraisal value on my property tax appraisal"
Posted 06/8/2018

That was quick!
"Mike, You're the Greatest!!!!!!!!. Very detailed and covers all the pertinent information needed. You have once again exceeded my expectations. I wasn't looking for this until Friday, but I see that you a true professional that does not waste time. Making copies to send to my attorney now. Many thanks :)"
Posted 5/28/2018

Thank You Michael!
The service was top of the line. The staff was courteous, efficient and I would recommend them to anyone in need of a home appraisal for property tax appeals.
Posted 04/22/2018

“We were able to negotiate a lower price based on your value, Thanks!”
Posted 04/10/2018

“We got our line of credit back based on your report!”
Posted 04/8/2018

“The tax assessment was wrong, your appraisal helped to prove the true value. Our taxes have come down!”
Posted 02/6/2018

“Saved almost $200 by dropping my PMI, Thank you!!! I would use him again and highly recommend him to anyone seeking a thorough appraisal.”
Posted 12/18/2017

“Very friendly appraiser!”
Posted 12/2/2017

“Great report, great price!”
Posted 10/12/2017

“Taxes went down 15%, Thanks!”
Posted 9/11/2017

“Thanks, that was fast! Michael came out to do the appraisal and was very professional and did a very thorough job. We didn't like that our value had gone down but we knew it was not his fault and that the market had been soft. ”
Posted 3/30/2017

"Prompt, detailed and courteous!"
Posted 1/23/2017

“Thanks for the quick turnaround time!”
Posted 11/12/2016

Great Job!
"Very detailed! You have once again exceeded my expectations. We were able to lower our tax bill by 20% Many thanks"
Posted 2/22/2016

Thank you for your appraisal!
“Thank you for your appraisal. It was money well spent. Thank you Sir.”
Posted 12/3/2015

Thank you Michael!
“Thank you for handling this sensitive matter with such care, our family really appreciated the speed of your report!”
Posted 09/25/2015

Fast service!
“I wasn't expecting my report for two days, the same day delivery was a welcome surprise! Thanks!"
Posted 04/16/2015

Very Fast service!
“Another great report! I have used them several times and they are the quickest appraisers I have used in 25 years. The turnaround time is amazing.”
Posted 07/12/2014

Highly Recommended!
Michael was professional, cooperative, and communicated well. He provided the appraisal via email, promptly and the information was accurate. I tried some other company but haven’t heard from them since I paid them. I should have worked with Appraisals By Michael FIRST! Michael clearly knows the Atlanta area!
Posted 07/3/2013

Very Complete report!
"Michael was very prompt in setting up an appointment and was able to appraise my property soon after I contacted him. He included photos of my home, tax records and other information as well as photos of the comparables."
Posted 12/13/2012

Thanks for referring me to an outstanding Home Appraiser
"Charles, Thanks for referring me to an outstanding Home Appraiser (Michael). As you may recall I was unable to contact him initially, so I went with an appraiser from Century 21. Unfortunately, I was not at all impressed with his service. He handed me approximately 5 sheets of paper with a picture of my house that was taken back in 2002 while it was still under contract. He didn't even look at the house and said that the sheets of paper was the appraisal. His service was so bad that he asked me if I had a camera to take an updated picture. After dismissing this guy, I called Michael at approximately 3:45 PM. Being that it was fairly late in the evening, I wasn't really expecting him to work with me. Surprisingly, he was at my house within thirty minutes and exceeded my expectations. He did a GREAT job and I hope you choose him as first choice for future referrals. V/R Tyrice"
Posted 02/20/2012

Nice and Professional!
"Really nice guy, He got my appraisal back the next day.”
Posted 12/4/2011

Thank You Michael!
"Quick and Professional."
by NikkiM - Posted 09/26/2011

Thanks Again
"I have used Appraisals By Michael services several times and have always been impressed with their staff and the quality of their reports, they are very knowledgeable of the Atlanta market."
by JTPlending - Posted 04/4/2011

Excellent Service!!
"My family has been investing in properties in the Atlanta area for many years now using many appraisal companies and we have been nothing but pleased with the level of knowledge, service and care we have been receiving with Appraisals By Michael. It is clear that the appraisers at Appraisals By Michael truly care about each of our projects. The customer service team is always very friendly and quickly answers any questions or concerns that we have. The communication between customer service, the appraisers and us is excellent, I really look forward to receiving the daily e-mails, and of course, the final report. Patty"
by PattyL - Posted 11/05/2010

Thanks Mike
"Michael provides very thorough reports in 1-2 days and has been a pleasure to work with over the past year."
By Jameskpm - Posted on10/17/2010

Were in contract!!
After many years of dreading the cost of getting our home repaired, and trying to figure out if it would be worth it, a realtor friend of mine referred me to Appraisals By Michael . An appraiser came out and inspected the house, 2 days later we knew what our house was worth in its current condition and what it would be worth if we fixed it up. We have made the repairs and are now in contract for the appraised value. Thank you Appraisals By Michael !! Paul & Mandy"
By PaulandMandy - Posted on 7/3/2009

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